Finding a Rental Apartment ASAP

Mar 21, 2017

Sometimes renters can find themselves in situations where they need to find a new apartment fast. Rental hunting usually takes months, but people pressed for time may only have weeks or even days to relocate. Finding and moving into a rental apartment in a short period of time is possible. Here are some actions home hunters should take to make sure the process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Work With a Real Estate Professional

Working with an experienced and well-connected South Florida real estate professional can significantly shorten the apartment hunting journey and make it less stressful. Agencies also have access to pre-vacancy listings, (apartments that still have tenants but can be shown to clients by agents) which are not advertised and so nearly impossible to find independently.

Make a List of Must-Haves and Good-to-Haves

Before looking at any listings, make a wish list of necessary and desired apartment features. Start with the basics like price, location, and number of rooms, then add other items. Prioritize the items from must-haves to more optional features. The number of preferred neighborhoods needs to be narrowed down to one or two to expedite the process. Despite having a clear idea of what they want, prospective tenants should keep an open mind and be able to compromise if needed.

Be Easily Available for Apartment Tours

After deciding which apartments to inspect further, apartment hunters should try to accommodate to the schedule of landlords, property managers, or to the person in charge of giving them a tour. Be available for apartment showings on weekdays and at odd hours to gain maximum access to properties. Quickly see each rental available that fits the specified price range and other important criteria.

Prepare the Necessary Documents

While going on apartment tours, potential renters should be equipped with documents that will prove they are qualified tenants to speed up the approval process. That way, if they are satisfied with a rental they are viewing, they can initiate the approval process with the landlord or property manager then and there. In addition to having a healthy credit score and setting aside money for a security deposit and first month’s rent, they should have the following documents.

-Photo identification

-2 – 3 years of tax returns

-1 – 2 years of W-2 forms

-Bank statements

-Letter of employment stating salary, job title, and employment length on company letterhead

-Contact information of references


If you are in need of a place to rent as soon as possible, a seasoned South Florida real estate professional can quickly connect you with a rental that best fits your price range and needs. Call Stein Posner today to start your search.