Oceanfront Real Estate Buying Tips

Apr 20, 2017

One major perk of living in South Florida is that one is never too far from the beach. Those who are looking to purchase their own oceanfront home should work with a South Florida real estate professional to ensure that they find exactly what they want and are well informed on the major investment they are about to embark on. When buying oceanfront real estate, there are unique considerations to make, some are discussed below.

The Beach

The key feature of oceanfront real estate is the beach, however, not all properties “on the water” are right on the beach. Homebuyers must consider how close they want to be to the beach and look for homes with acceptable beach access, whether that is direct access or a short walk away. Also, homeowners who crave a more private beach experience should look for properties far from the beach’s public access points and commercial areas.

The condition of the beach must also be evaluated, because the beach is the driving force behind oceanfront real estate prices. For the property to sustain a high value, the beach has to remain in good condition. Unfortunately, erosion is a common problem for Florida beaches, but a knowledgable South Florida real estate professional can research the history of beach erosion and maintenance in the desired area.

Protection from Elements

Living on the water comes with indisputable advantages, but the downside is that there is more exposure to the harsh natural elements. Oceanfront real estate located on Florida beaches is more vulnerable to wind, waves, erosion, storms, and other natural disasters. Homeowners should search for properties that offer oceanfront-specific protections, such as seawalls to avoid future erosion.

Florida homeowners, especially those living on the water, are also required to purchase flood insurance and possibly windstorm insurance in addition to homeowners insurance. Due to a long history of hurricanes affecting Florida beaches, the premiums of homeowners insurance on oceanfront real estate may be significantly higher than coverage on inland properties. Thus, homebuyers must consider the lasting cost implications of buying an oceanfront home.

Purchasing oceanfront real estate brings with it distinct challenges, but also one-of-a-kind rewards. Do you want to wake up to ocean views? Do you want to be steps away from the beach? Call Stein Posner today to speak with one of our South Florida real estate experts about available oceanfront homes!