Tips On Selling Homes Using Facebook

Mar 14, 2017

Today’s homebuyers start their home searches online. With many people active on social media, South Florida real estate professionals can reach out to clients and prospects using popular sites like Facebook. Taking that into consideration, here are some tips on using Facebook to improve the home-selling process.

Find Facebook-savvy Real Estate Agency

To target current buyers, an agency must emphasize using online marketing tools such as social media. South Florida real estate professionals who are skilled in maintaining a social media presence, post consistently and use the platform to build relationships with their customers rather than just to sell properties. About 80 percent of their posts should cover local lifestyles, topics concerning the areas they operate in, customer interests, and other company and industry updates. Only 20 percent of the posts should be dedicated to property listings. This healthy mix of content ensures even those who aren’t actively searching for a home are provided with valuable information.

Put Emphasis on Visuals

Facebook is a visual platform and therefore its algorithm puts more weight on posts with visual content. Posts with photos or videos will rank higher on newsfeeds. Also, there are many types of visual content that can help increase buyers’ offers. For instance, albums featuring plenty of high quality images of the listed home always peak user interest. Drone videography that shows off a featured property’s extensive acreage or nature views, as well as filmed home tours are also popular with Facebook users and get a lot of traffic. Currently, Facebook is focusing heavily on its live video platform. So, a live home tour on Facebook Live will also likely rank high.

Invest in Facebook Advertising

To get the most out of Facebook, agencies should spend some money in the two forms of paid promotion Facebook offers. They can pay to boost a home listing post, which means the post will be labeled “Sponsored” and rank high on users’ newsfeeds. Since Facebook’s current algorithm makes it harder for a business’s posts to rank high organically, boosting a post is often necessary. Another great way for an agency to get great exposure is to pay for a Facebook ad. With both options, they can set a maximum daily budget, choose to get billed per click, and target users according to criteria like location, gender, age, workplace, and more. Compared to other advertising channels, Facebook advertising is relatively inexpensive and, in return, provides excellent targeted reach.

To connect with today’s homebuyers who are searching for properties online, real estate agencies must utilize social media tools like Facebook.

At Stein Posner, we have a rigorous online marketing strategy to ensure our clients’ homes get sold soon after they hit the market. If you plan to sell your home, call one of our experienced South Florida real estate professionals today to get started.